Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rough notes from Moore's talk in Santa Rosa

Terrie Miller attended Thomas Moore's book talk on Thursday, March 6 at the Church of the Incarnation in Santa Rose and posts her rough notes from the evening. She includes some of Moore's responses to questions from the audience.

At The Literary Addict blog, Lorette C. Luzajic comments about Moore’s A Life at Work, by describing her reactions to his discussion of Icarus. Luzajic says,
"... Moore gently prods us to our calling, and shows us that our calling may not be a giant, world-dominating blaze of glory, and it may not be one specific thing. He asks us to watch carefully and let it unfold instead of suppressing it, to gently coax it from the ordinary moments, to wait for it through the tragic. He reminds us never to belittle our calling - we might be very good at a perfectly respectable thing like cleaning hospitals or selling shoes. Every contribution is important."
Earlier in her essay, she writes, "It’s a great relief to myself, and to millions, to know that a man as talented and perceptive and ‘called’ as Moore watched life unfold in the same way we all do. Everyone expects a special stamp at 18 or 20: here’s your career, here’s your family, here’s your kids, here’s your future. But life unfolds in brilliant disorder: paths veer unexpectedly into another."

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