Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blogger summarizes Moore's stop in Seattle

Candace Morris attended Thomas Moore's book signing at Elliot Bay Books in Seattle, Monday night. She offers her notes of the evening on her Musings of the Melancholic blog.
"At first, we were surprised and embarrassed at the lack of attendance. However, slowly and ever so surely in their infamous way, (their non makeup, over 50, intellectual way), Seattleites turned out and filled the basement with warmth and light.

He exceeded our expectations. He is the picture of graciousness and openness, while still vehemently passionate about his principals (at one point expressing his frustration with people finding salvation in authors)."
Morris then summarizes Moore's presentation and she concludes with the point, "We take ourselves entirely too seriously – and therefore disappointments become great disillusionments and disorientations. If we instead see setbacks as just another curve in our opus, we can more readily embrace the twists and transitions."

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