Friday, January 04, 2008

Publishers Weekly reviews Moore's new book

Publishers Weekly reviews Thomas Moore’s forthcoming book, A Life at Work: The Joy of Discovering What You Were Born to Do, in its December 24, 2007 listing:
"In this slender volume, bestselling spiritual guru Moore (Care of the Soul) says that finding the right work, finding one's vocation, is also part of the care of the soul. Often Moore proves astute; for instance, he urges people to think about having not just one but a variety of callings. His consideration of the pleasures and foibles of friendship in the workplace is especially insightful. Although confident that even the most mundane job can be enjoyable and life-giving, Moore sets the question of vocation in a broader frame, suggesting that it is best addressed as a part of fashioning lives that are organically whole and meaningful. Though still influenced by Jung, Moore draws inspiration from a delightful array of sources, including Yeats, Socrates, and Rapunzel. The book's governing metaphor, alchemy, is often apt; Moore notes that both alchemy and finding a life's work require patience through a long refining process, and both are about the process, not just the end result. Often the comparison works; at other times, it's heavy-handed, and Moore also lapses into clichés ("take the past and own it"). Nonetheless, this will be of use to many people who seek joyful work and integrated lives."
Thomas Moore. Broadway, $24.95 (208p)
ISBN 978-0-7679-2252-4
To be released Feb. 26, 2008.

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