Monday, January 07, 2008

Night terrier, or night terror, not nightmare

Today, Mary Strachan Scriver posts "The Night Terrier", describing a Montana get together hosted by Michael and Linda Sexson in the 1980s, attended by Thomas Moore:
"People were PASSIONATE! Far from cool techies! Thomas Moore was there to explain how computers tapped into our human way of making inanimate objects into something human: ventriloquists’ dummies (the computer as Mortimer Snerd), Pinocchio (the computer as liar), and oracles (futurism). They weren’t tools, they were relationships!"
Then she describes a recent dream in which Moore appeared:
"Thomas Moore would listen to all this very carefully and then begin to ask me to free-associate. He’s from the James Hillman school of thought: nothing is too sacred to reflect upon because all of life is sacred, but sacrality doesn’t necessarily mean institutional dogma."

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