Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Matrimony, a form of soul work, impacts our world

Thomas Moore's book, The Soul of Sex provides the scaffolding for "The holy tree of Marriage," posted 14 June 2012, in which the blogger refers particularly to Moore's chapter "The Marriage Bed":
 “Matrimony is a form of soul work, and marriage is the most potent alembic available to us where we can become initiated into the rudiments of community and the basics of intimacy. In this context sex is the primary ritual. It’s one thing to resolve arguments and tensions in a marriage through conversation and counseling, but it’s another to perform the mysterious rite that addresses the deepest mysteries of the union.”
Passages shared underlie Moore's repeated concern that we need to expand our understanding of soul to hold more and we need to see how soul directly affects community and the world:
"Each marriage is a laboratory for the soul, and in each marriage lies the deeper laboratory of sex, the holy of holies, where passion, union, differences, pleasure, difficulties, and even work achieve their necessary balances. If couples realized the importance of their lovemaking and its impact on the world around them, from their children and neighbors to the nation and the world, they might have a less personalistic, less psychological view of their sexuality, and in that broadening they might enter into sex with larger vision and greater joy. Everything in life suffers when our vision of it is too small and too personal.”
Responses to this post appreciate the need to enlarge soul capacity.