Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Personal development includes facing your shadow

Do you distinguish between "self help" and "personal development" books? Robert Everett does in his blog post today: "Personal development requires that you take a deep look at yourself, both good and bad, discover your truth, and then find a way to live that truth in a positive and productive way."  Everett includes Thomas Moore in his list of recommended authors:
"No, I'm not talking about the historical Thomas Moore. I'm talking about the modern-day author, psychologist, musician, blogger, spiritual seeker. His books on the soul and soulfulness are poetic and profound, bringing a lyrical quality to an often cut-and-dry field. His works are a must-read for anyone wanting to merge spirituality and soul into their daily lives."
Read Everett's post if you'd like to consider additional writers he endorses. See if your favourites are listed.