Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yoga instructor recommends Care of the Soul

Sophie Herbert emphasizes observing the soul during its care in her post "Be Your Own Witness: Yoga On and Off the Mat" for the Whole Living site. She references Thomas Moore's book, Care of the Soul: "This inspirational book of Moore’s, which is a personal favorite, is a guide for cultivating greater depth and spirituality in everyday life. Moore makes a very clear distinction between 'care of' and 'cure of' the soul. There is, in reality, nothing to cure, only complexities to accept, learn from, and work with. (It can be valuable to remember this in a society that over-medicates and often celebrates quick-fix-in-reality-Band-Aid solutions to problems of all shapes and size.)"

She writes: "This week, I invite you to remember your ability to be an empathetic witness of your mind both on and off the yoga mat. Patiently take stock of what’s going on." This suggestion precedes a number of questions to help students develop mindfulness.