Sunday, August 07, 2011

A country doctor's practice spans Moore's books

A Country Doctor Writes "Following the Path of the Soul" on Saturday, sharing the arc of a story that starts in 1995. The plot line/ life line/ vital sign is Thomas Moore's, book Care of the Soul. This country doctor describes receiving a copy of the book, taking it to Cape Cod for one of Moore's programs in 2007, evaluating what is important in life, and now ordering online Moore's latest book, Care of the Soul in Medicine (2010). The story includes death, dancing and devotion. Perhaps the country doctor will continue his story after he reads Moore's sequel.

"Within weeks our dog died in her favorite spot in our kitchen. Two months later another Shepherd was given to us. He had been born July 23, the same day Callie got sick. Six months later my wife’s health caused her to leave her career as a Nurse Practitioner. We reassessed our priorities and vowed to take care of our own health the way we had always told our patients to."

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