Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rest with the question and listen for the answer

Chris Cade, self-proclaimed reluctant hero, today writes about Thomas Moore's book Soul Mates in "What If The Unknown Were A Gift?". Although the book didn't help Cade with his relationships, it did offer insight:

"Thomas Moore suggests that rather than constantly trying to seek an answer or 'fix' the situation, we allow ourselves to stay in the uncomfortable zone. He says that by staying in the uncomfortable zone we will naturally discover what the true best answer is for us… because our mind’s desire to get rid of the discomfort will be overridden by what our heart and soul have to tell us.
Ever since reading his book, I have found that to be true in my life. More recently, I’ve taken that concept in a different, deeper direction. I’ve found that it applies not just to situations of discomfort and conflict, but rather, it applies to life."
Cade suggests an exercise in which you ask yourself a meaningful question and don't insist on an immediate answer. He also suggests asking different parts of the body to answer the question: "That may sound strange, but the truth is, we are integrated, whole, connected beings… and that means, just as our minds contain wisdom our bodies don’t know about, our bodies also contain wisdom that our minds don’t know about."

He recommends that we give our innate wisdom time to respond without always turning to teachers or external guidance.