Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blogger enjoys messages in The Soul of Sex

Today Jenni blogs about Thomas Moore’s The Soul of Sex at Musings of Mommy Bee. She describes it "as an interesting book, and with such an interesting thesis. I stumbled across it at the library and read the inside flap and had to bring it home."

She writes that Moore is a conservative Catholic and, "He is very pro-marriage and pro-fidelity, and also pro-spirituality. As he says "If there is any substance in the common sentiment that sex is sacred, it would seem appropriate to explore that sacredness in religious terms." This book also isn't erotica, or a 'how to' in any sense. Like I said, it's philosophy."

Jenni includes favourite quotes from the book in her blog post and concludes with one she particularly likes, found on page 248:
"It seems clear to me that the plague of sexual images that fill the internet and line our city streets, and the so-called gratuitous sex that spices most grown-up movies are exaggerated, autonomous, and noisome because we don't understand the importance of a sexy road or an appealing building or a sensuous workplace. The principle at play is simple: whatever we don't have the imagination to weave into our human lives beautifully and intimately will haunt us in the form of autonomous temptation and shadow values. There seems to be no middle ground. Either we build a beautiful road or the ugly version will soon begin to destroy the culture we are striving so hard to make. As always, our choices are basic: either Eros or Thanatos, sex or death."