Friday, September 17, 2010

Counselor shares view that therapy is for all

Today on the American Counseling Association blog, Kathy Renfree writes "Try It, You Might Like It" in response to Thomas Moore’s latest blog entry with The Huffington Post, "Everyone Should Be in Therapy". Renfree writes,
"... as I progressed through my own personal struggles and growth I encountered the Thomas Moore that presented me with another growth opportunity. His books Care of the Soul, and Dark Nights of the Soul were a gift to me at a most difficult time.

Have you had the experience when something crosses your path at exactly the moment you are ready to receive the message? When you are able to integrate the teaching and messages without disdain or disrespect? Where you eagerly read on and on because your head nodding propels you through the chapters? The words on those pages jumped into my heart – often I would leave the pages to wipe a tear or two, or to call a family member or friend – the words leading me to rejoice in a connection – or to lead me to the very place of feelings I wanted so badly to avoid…and of course the place I needed to be the most."
She supports Moore’s view that everyone may benefit from therapy and shares, "That therapy – with the right therapist leads us to the place we need to be, genuine in our own life, generous to others and as counselors, the best example of the benefits of psychotherapy. I have always felt that in order to help clients grow and heal old wounds, it was imperative that I needed to be a client. This is, of course, my own belief – from my own experience."