Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Care of the soul includes acceptance and trust

In the January 2010 newsletter of Channing Memorial Church, Unitarian Universalist, Rhode Island, minister Amy Freeman writes about UU Convocation 2009 in Ottawa:
"Thomas Moore, our keynote speaker, was a highlight of the event. He is a leading lecturer and writer on archetypal psychology. Although Moore is not a UU (when pressed about religion he identifies as a Zen Catholic), he understood his audience and was an engaging speaker. Moore’s insights on the importance of cultivating soul in every day life touched me. As we enter a new year, instead of making resolutions, I invite you to care for the soul. As Moore says, it is more about acceptance and trust than improvement. He writes, "Care of the soul entails evoking a sense of home and family; appreciating the struggles and mistakes involved in living a rich and dedicated life; knowing the importance of symbol, ritual, narrative, dream, and the arts; being able to [take pleasure] in matters of love, marriage, friendship, and all kinds of intimacy; and creating a beautiful environment for reflection, conversation, and ritual."
Wishing you all that feeds the soul in the coming year... Friendship... Food... creating a sense of Home... Intimacy... Beauty... and Pleasure!
Rev. Amy Freedman
Rev. Barbara Coeyman of Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church bases her sermon "Dark and Light, Light and Dark" for 6 December 2009, on Thomas Moore's discussions at Convocation 2009 and on his book, Dark Nights of the Soul.

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