Monday, January 11, 2010

Care of the soul may include care of the soles

Rev. Jane Page, with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Statesboro, Georgia pens the sermon, "Oh My Soul!", in which she mentions Thomas Moore's participation in the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Convo 2009. Page quotes Moore's Care of the Soul in her attempt to understand the meaning of the word soul and its use by various writers.

Page shares, "The bottom line is this – although I found this book interesting, it didn’t feed my soul. Maybe a book and more information for my brain was just not what I needed at a time when my soul didn’t feel so well. I got a lot more out of an experience this past Friday. After spending the night with my mom in her hospital room, I had a special treat of getting a facial with a gift certificate that my husband had given me for Christmas. Now having someone pay attention to your face and rubbing away the tension is great. But then it got even better. Monica left some gook on my face for a while and turned her attention to my feet. First she gently washed them with warm water. And I thought about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. What a loving act! Then she scrubbed and massaged the soles of my feet, these soles that carried me everywhere and bore the weight and burdens I carried. What wonderful care for those soles! Now there’s a metaphor we could ponder with a homonym for wordplay to boot!"

Moore may endorse such experiential appreciation as a "ritual in nourishing the soul."

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