Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Distinguish between spirit and soul for alignment

Judah S. Kurtz blogs a shift in his understanding while reading about the distinction between spirit and soul described by Thomas Moore in The Education of the Heart. Kurtz includes the book's passage, "... people are often confused when faced with the traditional distinction between the soul and the spirit, but distinguishing these two dimensions of experience can be helpful. We might notice, for instance, how much we are motivated by the spirit in our concentration on the future, on understanding, and on achievement. We might then see how we neglect the soul, which has complementary but very different values, such as slowness, the past, inaction, feeling, mystery, and imagination... To suggest a distinction between soul and spirit is not to advocate a separation of the two. On the contrary, it seems best to arrive at a place where in effect the two work together, as in a marriage or partnership. (p. 32)"

Unitarian Universalist ministers recently blog about this distinction in Moore's work, based on his workshops at Convo 2009 in Ottawa, Canada.

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