Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moore talks about new book at the Smithsonian

On his LiveJournal blog, Eridanus Darryl Kummerow writes about Thomas Moore's A Life at Work book tour appearance at the Smithsonian Institution:
Monday evening, I went with Teacher, katrinas joy, and some Systri to hear Thomas Moore speak at the Smithsonian. I really like Thomas Moore, especially after a severe, month-long depression in December 2001. I believe it was his book, Care of the Soul, in which he said one should learn the lesson of one's depression. Because I have non-linear logic, what I received was I am not defective, there is a lesson here, and I became more conscious of my depression - looking for the levels and intensities, what made it worse or easier, and finding the causes. In his book of essays, Original Self, I have marked an essay, in which he says we should all be more Pagan, because ancient (and modern [Eridanus note]) Pagans were deeply involved in the world around them. And, no matter what your religious beliefs, the world is sacred (whether by immanence, or by God creation) and it is wrong to not be involved. It was great to hear him speak. My housemate had gotten a copy of his new book, and he signed it for her...
The original post includes links to related sites.

A review of A Life at Work published in the Tucson Citizen, on March 6, 2008, concludes,
"Moore shares the idea of an "opus" in identifying our life's work, namely the need to understand ourselves, think beyond our jobs and factor in activities that give us a sense of meaning and purpose.

Moore cautions about escaping into the pleasant fantasies of a successful future. He states that it may be more useful to gather the courage to face the past in all of its disturbing detail.

Thomas Moore is an extraordinary man. His book shows us how we can get the most out of life, perhaps not financially, but certainly spiritually."
An attendee at Moore's talk, at the Church of the Incarnation in Santa Rosa, wrote a Flower Power post about her reactions to his appearance.

Also, although not part of the current book tour, the blog Tumbling Towards Something summarizes a talk given late last year by Thomas Moore when he discussed ideas from A Life at Work.

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