Friday, January 31, 2014

Respond to post to win a copy of Moore's book

Author Katrina Kenison offers a chance to win a copy of Thomas Moore's A Religion of One's Own and a paperback copy of her own book A Magical Journal by responding to her blog post "A Religion of One"s Own", 30 January 2014. Kenison praises Moore's earlier book The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life while describing how it affected her approaches to parenting. In her response to reading  Moore's new book, Kenison writes:
"Reading A Religion of One’s Own over the last week or so, I’ve been moved and inspired, as always, by my friend’s deep compassion for our ordinary, everyday struggles to live well, to love well, to care for our planet and ourselves and one another. A Religion of One’s Own is very much both an expansion and a refinement of the ideas that first inspired me to craft a more contemplative, intimate, soulful life as a young mother. Reading it, I found myself underlining and scribbling notes in the margin of every page – there is so much to think about here, so much to take in and use and share.
No matter what your faith or religious affiliation, A Religion of One’s Own is an invitation to go both deeper and wider in your learning and in your faith, a call to keep thinking, seeking, wondering, and celebrating. I think of this book as a handbook for the spirit. A reminder that life is both more joyful, and more meaningful, when we allow ourselves time and space to wake up to its magnificence and mystery. And in that way, this new book, too, is about re-enchantment. For a true, useful religion is grounded in the details of our ordinary lives – and, at the same time, it invites us, again and again, to transcend them. The holy and the ordinary work together. The result, always, is grace."
Respond to Kenison's invitation by midnight 7 February 2014.