Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moore stresses mystery and friendship in lecture

Anne Whitaker describes Thomas Moore's recent lecture about Care of the Soul in Medicine in Glasgow in her blog post "“Soul is about your friends” : an encounter with writer and therapist Thomas Moore". Whitaker includes,
"I found meeting Thomas refreshing and cheering – found him humorous, laid back, wearing his erudition lightly. His very informal “lecture”, very much open to audience participation, was timeous in its theme: the importance of healing the whole person, rather than simply treating the body, within the health care system. Timeous because of revelations in the UK press, in the very week of his talk,  concerning the lack of compassion and due attention paid to individual’s emotional needs and their dignity in too many instances in too many hospitals."
She writes that Moore emphasized mystery and friendship in his talk and that he hopes professional heath workers offer a sense of friendliness in their patient encounters.