Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be a compassionate catalyst during dark times

Today Dream Catalyst offers "Let Go and Let God" as a way to experience a dark night of the soul. Singapore's Bernadette Chua blogs about discipline and delight helping her through dark times. She quotes Thomas Moore's book, Dark Nights of the Soul: "Maybe your dark night is a gestation, a coming into being of a level of existence you have never dreamed of. Maybe your dark night is one big ironical challenge, just the opposite of what it appears to be - not a dying, but a birthing."

Chua follows this quote with her own response:
"We know this is great. We want it. Yet we find ourselves stuck in the same repeating patterns till a time comes when we can let go and truly let God. The question is how to do this?

The letter 'D' comes to mind. It is the letter that transforms go to God. Discipline and delight are two qualities that helped me to be able to let go and let God. Perhaps it would be useful for those of you who are going through a dark night right now.
She recommends supporting others with compassion: "Be a compassionate catalyst."