Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reader hears personal message: A Life at Work

Editor's Note:
Part 2 of Milteer's coverage of A Life at Work appears Nov. 1.
Part 3, which explores  "the calling," appears Nov. 3.
Part 4, Soul and Spirit appears Nov. 7.
Part 5 on Nov. 9 considers working in the tower.
Part 6 on Nov. 13 looks at loving your work in A Life at Work.
Part 7 The Conclusion on Nov. 15 summarizes Milteer's reflections about the book.

Andre Milteer found a gem tucked behind some cook books at an outlet store according to his post this Friday. After Milteer discovered a copy of Thomas Moore's book A Life at Work (2008) he writes, "For the last several years, I had embarked upon a personal quest to discover meaning in both my personal as well as professional life. It is said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear! I can attest to that axiom. Thomas Moore’s A Life at Work was written especially for me." He shares:
Moore entreats the reader (finger pointing to me), to engage in introspection via spiritual insight as well as in-depth grounded research. This in-depth, grounding is that of finding one’s roots. Getting in Touch with the Soul. Then, and only then, can one hear the Calling--Voice--Urgings to go along a particular path ... Yet again, A Life at Work has spoken to me in a most sensual manner. I hear the call to fully explore its meaning; the need to share my thoughts is too great."
Milteer plans to publish a more extensive response to Moore's book.

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