Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wichita blogger recommends A Life at Work

On her blog Life is Good, LM writes about Thomas Moore’s new book, A Life at Work, and gives examples from her own experiences, to support Moore’s focus on the value of reflection. She says,
"This is interesting to me also because whenever my ex-husband and I would come to the point of unresolvable conflict and separation (3-4 times over the 28 year marriage), we'd go to counseling, he would claim that the problem was his job, and then he would change jobs and things would be okay for while, but then the cycle would repeat itself. Moore suggests that often deep personal reflection about career choices and natural talents or desires is necessary to reveal the underlying cause for the unhappiness/illness, and then being flexible and willing to change."
LM concludes A Life at Work "is an easy read, and would be a good book for anyone who is feeling frustrated about their life, future, and struggling with depression about their job, or the judgments of others who see 'success' as having mainly to do with salaries and prestige."

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