Friday, April 08, 2011

Blogger believes in keeping mystery of soul alive

In today's post, "The Importance of Mystery" for his Writing in the Spirit blog, Gerald Schiffhorst mentions Thomas Moore's book, Care of the Soul, when he writes about immortality and the soul. Schiffhorst includes, "Thomas Moore in his popular Care of the Soul avoids any definition of soul; he skirts the issues of immortality but would probably agree that it is a divine spark within us that connects us to the divine. It has to do with love as well as immortality."

Schiffhorst's focus is on maintaining mystery. He writes, "After years of reading theology and philosophy, my idea of the soul remains vague. Yet this is as it should be. Like so many invisible realities I believe in, it is a mystery, and no efforts to define it or imagine it are worth much. . ." before concluding, "The goal of science, B. F. Skinner once said, is the destruction of mystery. But enlightened scientists today include mystery as a basic part of our ongoing discovery of the complexity of what is real. I believe in keeping mystery alive."