Monday, February 28, 2011

Live the Gospel message through daily activities

David Elliott writes the final post "Writing in the Sand – Conclusion" for his Florida group's journey through Thomas Moore's Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels. Elliott shares, "These few pages contain line after line where the 'professor' Thomas Moore actually 'professes' who he is based on the Gospel message. The lines are based on living the Gospel spirit. The 4 basic statements are:
1. "Cultivate a deep respect for people who are not of your circle and whom society rejects."
2. "You do everything possible to deal effectively with the demonic urges in yourself and in society. You do something about aggression, paranoia, narcissism, greed, jealously and violence."
3. "You play the role of healer in every situation."
4. "You stay awake and don’t fall into the unconsciousness of the age." (p. 164)
Elliott writes, "Even though we understand so much about evolution and science and we are awed by it all, there still remains the need to emotionally relate to reality as something personally important to each of us. Life flows through me just as it flows through the plants, rocks and 7 billion other people on this earth as well as whatever there is in the rest of the universe." Thank you, David, for taking the time to compose these post summaries for your readers.

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