Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sensuality plays an active role in the spiritual life

David Elliott contributes to his book group summaries of Thomas Moore's Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels in his post, "Mary Magdalen, Whom He Loved". He includes:
"Mark mentioned how he saw a growth and change in Thomas Moore’s insights between his older book The Soul of Sex and this latest chapter. The insights of the non-canonical gospels were not as tightly integrated into his thinking then as now. Moore is not as interested in historical comments about Jesus and Mary Magdalen as much as using their relationship to uncover the role of sensuality in the spirit life."
Elliott shares, "Mark brought in a book of images from Hindu temples that celebrated sex. "Tantric practitioners can also contemplate images of the male and female together in embrace. In Tantra, sex is in the service of spirituality... The intense passions aroused by a partner morph into the desire for union with God." (p.130) Can sexuality "hold the secret of the relationship between human and divine?" (p. 131).

This post also explores the interplay between physical touch and healing.

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