Monday, May 05, 2014

Evoke your dream thing and wake up to the world

Georgia O'Keeffe photo by Yousuf Karsh 1956
Robert Bruce Ritchie, a hospital/nursing home chaplain, who also writes a column for the Peterborough, New Hampshire Ledger-Transcript penned a blog post last month that refers to Thomas Moore's new book, A Religion of One's Own. The post considers the "dream thing" in Chapter 7, "Art as a Spiritual Path" in which Moore quotes Georgia O'Keeffe's response to one of her showings: "I hadn't worked on the landscapes at all after I brought them in from outdoors — so that my memory or dream thing I do that for me comes nearer reality than my objective kind of work — was quite lacking."

Ritchie concludes with his own dream thing: "My dream thing now has purpose outside myself. Therefore, it requires an audience. This blog, books I write and promote, and things yet to be determined. They all feel as if they are sacraments of determining what is sacred to me."