Friday, May 09, 2014

All sacraments may be approached as holy work

"An Evolving Interspiritual Solitary Monastic" favourably considers Thomas Moore's A Religion of One's Own under the blog heading Ahhhhhh. She writes:
"I finished reading Thomas Moore's book A Religion of One's Own last night. I'm sure we have all had the experience of feeling that just the right book came to us at exactly the right time in our lives. That is how I am feeling about this book. It was perfect for this time in my journey. I am grateful for having Moore serve as my muse over these past ten days; I have a sense that this relationship will continue on for some time to come."
Her following blog entry includes, "Reading Thomas Moore's book was like getting  lots of shots of Vitamin B.  My energy level is high, my sense of wonder at life is running at full blast and, for the first time in a very long time,  I am feeling deep joy and true contentment."

The blogger's profile includes, "I'm a monastic, but don't live in a monastery. I'm a Catholic, but believe I can learn about God from everyone. Sacrament is very important to me; the opinions of the Vatican are not. My education includes a B.A. in Biblical Studies, graduate work in Pastoral Counseling, an M.Div. (seminary degree) and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. I am presently taking a program in Benedictine Studies. I am also a certified Healing Touch practitioner."