Friday, March 02, 2012

The soul's seasons are rhythmic and musical

The blog entry "Universally Human" shares quotes from Thomas Moore's book, Original Self, ending with this passage from the book:
"Modern psychology tries to tell us that we are constantly developing creatures, but I prefer to think of us as seasonal beings. We have our summers of sunny pleasure and our winters of discontent, our springtimes of renewal and our autumns of necessary decay. We are essentially rhythmic, musical. As the ancients used to say, our emotions are in orbit, like the planets. Patterns that define us return again and again, and in these returns we find our substance and our continuity, our original nature and our identity."
— Thomas Moore
This focus on rhythm is repeated in the blog entry "What Feeds Us?" by Kathleen Jacoby on her site Seasons of the Soul:
"There are multiple expressions of our uniqueness. Like snowflakes, we all have a special imprint, and the task is to find opportunities that allow those affinities to be released in a way that blesses the world and fulfills us. Then we have made a difference. Then the longing is no more.

There have been a few times in my life when that longing was fulfilled. Each time had to do with writing projects that completely harnessed my focus and imagination. For me, expressing observations is a major part of my tonal affinity. It is through communication – especially the written word – that I find myself deeply in love. All of me is engaged. Thomas Moore once wrote that if our work is not our lover, it is not our work."
Jacoby also observes, "I have found that there are cycles in a creative life. We cannot always be in process of externalizing the muse. There are down times that require digesting and renewal. It can be frustrating when we deeply yearn for that sense of being 'in the zone'. The zone also has to accommodate the moments of nothing when seemingly everything has stopped."

Consider a description of Hildegard von Bingen's Symphony of the Harmony of the Heavenly Revelations for the rhythms of your own seasons and for your own musical signature.