Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blogger celebrates Care of the Soul anniversary

Daniel Wilson celebrates the publication anniversary of Thomas Moore's classic book in his post, "Care of the Soul is 20 years old": "The book has never been more sorely needed, in my opinion, as we watch our world increasingly bow to money, power, the quest for personal advantage, and arrogance toward nature at unprecedented levels. Depth and sacredness are endangered species these days like never before in my lifetime."

After writing about his interest in yoga, Wilson suggests, "Soul and spirit are also figures of speech, but they are differentiated from chakras and nadis in that they arose from a different tradition. Both traditions work for those who are inspired by them. Without these figures of speech we would be immobilized by fear and wonder."

He shares how his soul is nourished specifically and the human desire for recognition, "I am increasingly patient with work that generates no response, but this did not come easily to me. I like recognition and responsiveness. I like that my soul leads to a state of greater ease, confidence, and trust in these matters. I’m recommending that you read this book if you have not already, but I won’t be bothered if you choose to ignore the suggestion. I’m learning to accept that people have their agendas and I have mine."