Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Richard Tarnas introduces James Hillman's work

Watch Richard Tarnas deliver an introductory lecture about James Hillman's psychology for the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco: James Hillman Archetypal Psychology 2012-01-20. According to the video description, "This brief course offers an introduction to the ideas of James Hillman, the principal founder of archetypal psychology and an influential thinker in contemporary psychology and culture." Tarnas, a friend of Hillman, recounts their relationship while giving an overview of Hillman's contributions in the introductory lecture.

Part I 2012-01-20: Run time: 1:06:28
Part II 2012-01-20 Run time: 1:18:57

Session 2
Part I 2012-01-27 Run time: 1:09:03
Part II 2012-01-27 Run time 1:21:58

Session 3
Part 1 2012-02-10 Run time: 58:09
Part II 2012-02-10 Run time: 1:30:09

Session 4
Part I 2012-02-24 Run time: 1:12:31
Part II 2012-02-24 Run time 1:17:44

Session 5
Part I 2012-03-02 Run time: 1:17:32
Part II 2012-03-02 Run time: 1:15:01