Monday, March 05, 2012

Author mentions Moore's influence in interview

Barque supporter Julianne Davidow shares her interview with America Oggi about her book, Outer Beauty, Inner Joy on the linked page under Press. In the interview she mentions Thomas Moore's influence:
Julianne Davidow: The Italian Renaissance took a new look at many writings from ancient philosophies, and writers created a syncretic philosophy of their own. When I started reading these fifteenth and sixteenth-­century writers, I understood that their philosophy had influenced the art. Because of my love of art and comparative religion, I wanted to learn more.

Maria Vittoria Solomita: Did you gather all the material on your own, or did you have an advisor during the course of your research?

Julianne Davidow: In the beginning, I discovered Marsilio Ficino through books by Thomas Moore [author of the best-­selling Care of the Soul, who wrote the foreword to Outer Beauty, Inner Joy]. Then I started reading books by Ficino himself. I conducted research for years, above all at the Marciana Library in Venice, personally choosing books. I began to understand how the artists incorporated the philosophy of the times into their creations.
Davidow also offers her interview with Thomas Moore, "Embracing the Soul of the Renaissance," on this linked page. Enjoy Davidow's new blog about Outer Beauty, Inner Joy.