Saturday, May 07, 2011

Blogger suggests community includes passion

Mary Beth Coudal answers the question What is Community? with three things: hard work, passion and diversity. In her description of passion, she shares:
"I’ve been reading Thomas Moore’s A Life at Work. The guy’s good. He talks about following your bliss and paying attention to the stories you tell about yourself – your archetypes and night dreams.

Note to self: Moore says it’s okay to have a whole lot of passions (or 4 blogs!) – for work and life. When I heard Moore speak at Marble Collegiate Church years ago, he said the one word he couldn’t advise as a guiding principle in life is “balance.” Moore said, “If you have to choose between two things — do both!

I’m with him. I’m up for following my passion and following my bliss..."
Coudal also mentions liking Joseph Campbell's writings about the hero's journey.

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