Monday, December 20, 2010

Desire indicates what the soul needs and seeks

On her blog, Unleashing, Erin Clark responds to Thomas Moore’s book, The Soul of Sex, in her post today. Clark follows Moore's quotes from the subchapter "Erotic Intelligence" with her own interpretations and reactions to his words. She includes Moore’s observation:
"Desire has its own intelligence. If we think that the mind is the best guide through life, we will make choices by gathering opinions and weighing the options. But if we follow the soul, we will understand that desire is also an indicator of what is needed and what is best. We may be confused, especially at the outset of desire, about the exact nature of our soul's longing, but over time we will become clearer about what the soul is seeking. This is a dynamic way of life rooted in deep longings that call for a response, rather than a static way based on fixed ideas about what is prudent."
Clark responds, "Foregoing prudence is a shameless rebellion that makes my skin tingle. Certainly the part of Unleashing that excites me the most. Not being held down by fixed ideas ― but allowing a wilder instinct have its say. Always learning more and more ways to do this wisely and deeply. Allowing me to have a stronger trust, which lets me have more profound intimacies in my life. I love even more being in a position to help others strengthen their own experience of trust and gain deeper, more intimate experiences of their own."

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