Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Reviewer recommends Moore's A Life at Work

Today John Morris reviews Thomas Moore’s A Life at Work: The Joy of Discoverig What You were Born to Do. After writing that he found Care of the Soul too dense to finish reading, Morris identifies key concepts used by Moore in A Life at Work:
"Fundamentally, it’s important to understand Moore’s concepts of spirit and soul. In his writing, spirit is something within us that looks forward, lives in the future and dreams big. It is the vision that lives within us and pushes us to be all we can be and do all we can do. The soul, by contrast, has roots in the past, keeps us grounded in our own history, learns from our experience and is our quiet connection to meaning. It is our soul that not only defines our deepest desires... it is our barometer for knowing when [we] are fulfilling our life’s purpose."
In his last paragraph Morris states,
"Summing up, I found the book difficult to read but worth the struggle. I suspect I’ll read it a few more times. It is almost poetic in its composition. (Which may contribute to its complexity.) The modicum of success I achieved in these initial readings in fact have inspired me to go back to another attempt of Care of the Soul."

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