Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beginner's mind leads to enchantment

An interfaith-Christian, independent Catholic priest writes the blog, "St. Mary's-by-the-Woods". In an Oct. 5 post, he relies heavily on Thomas Moore’s, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life to write about the mysteries of knowing. The blogger opens with a quote from Moore’s book,
"The first step in enchantment... is to recover a beginner's mind and a child's wonder, to forget some of the things we have learned and to which we are attached."
The blogger comments, "I have returned to this very Zen-like and positive advice many times, but haven't stuck with it. I keep returning to my attachments and my need for wanting to learn more about Scriptural analysis, history, archaeology and, yes, politics . There is nothing at all wrong with wanting to learn. As an American of Irish descent, such a perspective is to be applauded for the Irish were (and are) great scholars. But, when one finds that the mystery and wonder of life is passing by because of a continuing preoccupation with such things, then the cost is too high.”

He continues with more quotes from Re-Enchantment with his responses.

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