Friday, April 04, 2008

Artist and poet DeLozier praises Moore's books

In today’s blog post, "Art, My Talisman", Lori DeLozier in Vinita, Oklahoma, writes:
"A couple of weeks ago, I promised to loan the book The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore (a much, much loved non-fiction author) to a friend. I pulled the book, which I've owned since it publication date of 1996, from the bookshelf and so it's been laying around the studio, awaiting my next chance encounter with Susan T. Finally, just seeing it daily got to me and so I decided to go ahead and re-read it myself. I'm very glad I did. I began to feel immediately "re-enchanted" just dipping into its intelligent, extraordinary pages. I started (just for my first taste) in the middle of the book, a chapter entitled "Objects of Art"--just couldn't resist that, naturally. Last night, though, I returned to "Chapter One: Nature." What an awesome book. What an awesome writer and thinker Thomas Moore is. His other books that I've relished (seems an understatement) are: Care of the Soul (listed under my "Books that Changed my Life" column), Soul Mates and Dark Nights of the Soul. I see in the front of the current book another title that piques my interest: Rituals of the Imagination. Will have to see if I can land my hands on that one. Don't know how I missed it... (If you haven't discovered Thomas Moore, do so. For your soul.)"

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