Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Imagination nourishes your experience of soul

This month yoga teacher Will Donnelly writes "Your Soul is an Experience, Not a Thing" for Spirituality & Health magazine. His piece opens with:
"I stumbled upon a book recently. It was a hot and muggy Saturday afternoon and I was trying to distract, or maybe focus, a restless mind on something other than sweating. Now, days later, I am glued to the pages. It is giving me pause, and taking me back to my original days of spiritual exploration in the early 1990s, to self-care, and to deeply self-nurturing times.

The book I found was Care of the Soul , by psychotherapist Thomas Moore. Having studied many spiritual traditions (and having lived in a Catholic order for 12 years), Moore’s wisdom clearly infuses his writing and his therapeutic work." 
Donnelly stresses, "Moore encourages us to use our imagination to truly care for the soul through experiences big and small which nourish us at a deep level. " He then describes his own return to meditation and shares the traditional Hawaiian view that everything comes from darkness.