Friday, August 15, 2014

Dark nights of the soul need spiritual responses

Business World offers Maria Victoria Rufino's postscript "Jung and creative tranquility" that describes an exhibit and conference about Carl G. Jung. In it she writes:
"Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore is an insightful book on the psyche."
“Today we label many of these experiences as depression. A true dark night takes us away from the joy of ordinary life. It is a spiritual trial. We need to rely on pure faith and it calls for a spiritual response."
Rufino suggests, "Jungian psychology applies to the second half of one’s life. Mid-life happens at age 40 or earlier. It is a psychology of growth — the individuation process and self-realization and the move toward wholeness. The unconscious, reality, an attitude (a friend), a terrain, a language are all part of this realm. One learns about polarity and transcendence."