Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sex addict quotes Thomas Moore in journal entries

EDITOR'S NOTE: Linked site contains visual sexual content unsuitable for young viewers. The complete Journal entries on the site, quoted below, do not depict visual sexual content found elsewhere on the linked site.

The adult web site, Cassandras Journey expresses [Cassandra's] "personal journey from unassuming girl next door to voracious sex addict." In her Journal section, "Cassie" refers to Thomas Moore as her "favorite commentator on the subject of sex ..."

14 July 2010: "Fetishes — what’s up with that?"
"Too often, it seems to me, sexual fetishes are depicted and portrayed as weird, lamentably necessary ways in which certain individuals feel compelled to realize their sexuality. It would be more fair and constructive, I think, to talk about fetishes as idiosyncratic ways in which couples relate to one another sexually. As Moore explains, "the point of sexual experimentation may be to sense together, in mutual generosity and complicity, the joy of transcending rules and expectations. In this spirit communities have often celebrated important religious festivals with orgies and other kinds of sexual license, breaking into the realm of spirit by means of sexual overstepping." Maybe we’re not overstepping because of a unilateral fixation or selfish route to satisfaction, but instead because we want to go somewhere uncommon together."

7 July 2010: "Soulless relationships"
"Thomas Moore, the philosopher and former monk who wrote the bible on sex (The Soul of Sex) and the bible on love (Soul Mates), has a lot to say about what happens when erotic experience is absent from life. Life, properly lived, he passionately explains, is itself an erotic experience, an act of love, and what happens in the public sphere is entirely and indelibly connected to what happens in one’s bedroom. Essentially: if your sex life sucks, that soils everything else (and by sex life we mean erotic life, because one can actually experience eroticism without sex)."

7 July 2010: "Tomato ecstasy"
In this post about the relationship between food and sex, "Cassie" quotes Thomas Moore:
"When we fail to notice the essential juicy, lush, and meaty vibrancy of tomato, somewhere inside us our ‘heart’ shrivels up, our succulent fecundity is unrecognized and uncalled-for. We too are dry and mealy, and longing for something to break us open and make us feel alive and flowing." This is a passage called "Tomato ecstasy" in a book by a Zen priest, as quoted by my favorite commentator on the subject of sex, Thomas Moore."

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