Saturday, July 24, 2010

Radiate the best within you to share with others

Jerry Bridge titles his review of Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul in Medicine with a quote from the book, "... a hospital without soul is a body repair shop”. Bridge writes, "In my view, if you work in healthcare then you must read it, give a copy to your CEO (unless that’s you, in which case you should make it required reading for your entire staff). This is an engaging, accessible, and inspiring work in which Moore presents us with a new vision for medicine – a vision that takes us beyond medicine as a physical science, matrix of prescriptions and treatment plans and sophisticated machines."

Bridge asks a few questions to prompt for a soulful environment:
"A soulful place of healing can be expressed in so many ways and on many levels. Healing and a sense of well being can be invoked through the use of color, light, architecture, imagery, sound or quality of conversation.

* Does your hospital or practice environment feel soulful?
* Does your organization employ imagery, color, water features, art or statues to help evoke spirit or imbue well being?
* What are the daily conversations that constitute the culture your workplace?
* What are the opportunities for making amends, letting go of resentments or acknowledging accomplishments?
* Are there plans for creating an integrated, holistic approach to care that involves some of the various aspects of healing as described above?"

He ends his review with a quote by Moore about the medicine Buddha, "You are always going to radiate some attitude or message; you may as well radiate the best you have. Treating soul and spirit in distress eases anxiety, helps relationships, and offers a sense of meaning and hope that will otherwise be elusive."

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