Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Depression may be a natural process of health

Today the South African Health News Service hosts Jocelyn Fryer's guest blog post "Learning to love life with bipolar" to help others who may be diagnosed with this. In her list of five helpful tips she writes under her first tip, Allow for Time:
"While I was suffering with severe depression for six months, I read an old book by Thomas Moore called Care of the Soul. Some people visit churches and pray in their hours of need; my temple was my city’s main library. There I would sit for hours with something I had found on a shelf and this was one such gem. Through it I learnt not to be ashamed of depression, not to feel weak or lacking. Rather, I came to accept my depression as part of a natural process of self-discovery. It would take its course, and when the time came, I would be ready to start my life afresh." 
Fryer lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.