Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exploring other religions may enrich your own

A Canadian teacher blogs about reading Thomas Moore's new book during spring break for Lent: A Religion of One’s Own: open eyes. She observes:
"The ideas that Moore presents are simple and at times obvious, yet in his psychotherapist’s way of cutting to the essence, he is able to put into words what my jumbled thoughts continue to spin around. Some of his ideas brought me clarity to some of my own personal situations, and some of his ideas were new and challenging to me."
The post includes "Lately, as I have been outside enjoying nature, I can’t help but think of the teachings of the First Nations cultures that originally lived on the land I love so much. Blackfoot and Cree ways of understanding life are fascinating to me and the more I learn, the more it makes sense to me. The connection between all things on earth and above the earth and the idea that is all about circles adds clarity to my experiences and how I feel about those around me. I am constantly being reminded how everything and everyone are connected and this idea fits so well with the Medicine Wheel. This pull to the medicine wheel also explains my connection to walking labyrinths." The blogger includes Moore's final list of guiding principles for a personal religion.