Saturday, August 03, 2013

Listen deeply to your intuition for soul directions

This week Stuart Eglin shares what he learned 12 years ago from the work of  Thomas Moore and James Hillman in his post "Care of the Soul in Times of Dying".

He offers snippets of notes he took when he watched a video of Moore presenting at Schumacher College.

Eglin writes, "Moore also edited A Blue Fire which was a book of selected writings of James Hillman. This was my first introduction to the work of Hillman and of Archetypal Psychology."

Eglin concludes, "Just a few fragmented thoughts, but they remind me how much I learnt from studying these writers about the need to go down into the intuition and listen deeply. This was the most remarkable antidote to the analytical and logical training I had received earlier in my life when studying Philosophy."

He has a PhD in organizational change from Manchester Business School in which he looked at "the psychological aspects of change within organisations in the NHS, focusing particularly on applications of Jungian and Archetypal Psychology." Eglin describes himself as a writer, a freelance consultant, a leadership coach, and a Buddhist.