Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moore talks about making masterpieces of life

Bonnie Bright, founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, listened to Thomas Moore's 30 April 2013 teleseminar and shares her notes: "Making a Masterpiece of Your Life: Summary of a Teleseminar by Thomas Moore".  Bright summarizes Moore's discussion of beauty,  the meaning of mastery and the role of art.

At the end of the call Bright asked Moore, "how to cope with the extreme devastation of the planet we see all around us on a daily basis in media and in nature."  She continues, "Moore’s response was to reinforce the idea that [you] can do or hold many things at once. You can be concerned about the devastation AND you can appreciate the beauty... One reason we are treating nature badly is that we personalize it by thinking hierarchically, that humans are the top of the pile. It takes more of an artistic sense for people to appreciate nature. Maybe it would be helpful for us when we are deeply disturbed to paint or photograph nature. Turning something into art gets it into yourself, gets it into us, he said. Turning more to nature as art might help develop that relationship. We need more art and spirituality. "

Read Bright's complete description and enjoy the accompanying nature photographs.