Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marketer recommends storytelling for authority

John McGory who works at a content marketing firm pulls from Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul to write about the father figure in his post "Greek Myths and Powerful Internet Storytelling". McGory quotes Moore: "Where do I get those feelings of protection, authority, confidence, know-how and wisdom that I need in order to live my life?"

McGory then responds, "Many people turn to the Internet and social media for that governance. Unfortunately, today’s communication revolution often lacks a 'father’s soul.' A 'father’s soul' provides the spirit to give you the strength to be the author of your own life. Moore says that 'Soul is not a thing, but a quality ... that has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart and personal substance.' The Internet is a great tool that provides us with facts, opinion, ideology and reason. But it often lacks the qualities that Moore says creates soul. Storytelling helps bridge that gap."

McGory offers some questions to distinguish between authentic authority and phony mentoring before concluding, "We are all Odysseus, out to sea and seeking a way home. The true father spirit is one of guidance and trust. Your Internet presence should be no less."