Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our choice of words helps to create our world

Matthew Elliot Boucher hosts the Rays of a Sacred Sun blog, subtitled ""Writings for Illumination" in Durham, Maine. Boucher shares at least two of Thomas Moore's interests, writing and music. In this recent post the blogger offers "A Short Soul Meditation":
"It is supremely satisfying to write in that slow, certain way that is suffused with Soul, when careful attention is placed upon the choice of words and the Imagination is at pleasure and delight with the World. One’s Language determines one’s Experience of the World, and I find that when I slow down to the leisurely pace of beautiful clouds across a landscape, everything is made aright. My readings of Thomas Moore do much to ground me within the real world, in all its sublime Beauty and exquisite Suffering; his writings on the nature of Soul have been a faithful companion of mine for over a decade, and have made me more human. I recommend his work to all of you.

I hear my fiancée making meat spaghetti in the kitchen, pouring her love into her cooking, as I pour my love into the crafting of these words. I write in silence; there has been much music in my life today, and balance is needed. To balance sound with silence, companionship with solitude, and even happiness with distress, makes for a deep, well-rounded life."
Boucher writes about finding the sacred in everyday life and is keen to share his discoveries. He responds to today's feature post:
"Thank you–I discovered earlier today that you featured my blog on Barque and was thrilled, as I have visited Barque often in the past and respect the blog very much. Thomas Moore’s writings have been a near-constant companion of mine for at least a decade. I hope my readers see this comment and head on over to Barque to read some of your writings, as well!"