Saturday, December 10, 2011

Care of the Soul message found to be expansive

A rector with the Episcopal Church in Shenandoah County, Virginia writes "Care for Your Soul"  in the  The Beckford Parish Beacon newsletter about the book Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore.

Alexander MacPhail commends the book to parishioners although he writes, "The book does not stand squarely in the Christian/catholic tradition, probably because Moore himself doesn’t stand squarely inside the boundaries of the Faith; but there is a breadth and wisdom to his writing that some might negatively call syncretistic, but I would call — more positively — expansive."

The review concludes, "Care for your soul. Nurture it with prayer. Let it read new books and see new pieces of art. Take it for a walk in the leaves. Let it smell the crisp fall air and the scent of a new wood fire. And perhaps think to yourself that these, too, are gifts of God for the people of God."