Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Men's Book Group explores Moore's Soul Mates

Dominique Walmsley offers a Men's Book Group in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. Starting 5 January 2012 the group explores Soul Mates (1994) by Thomas Moore. According to Walmsley, this book "describes the mysteries of love that, if  taken seriously, guide us internally towards contentment."

Desire is a shared theme for all book selections: "Thomas Moore centers  his writing on archetypal psychology, for example Jungian. Using existential philosophy, mindfulness, psychology of intimacy and Buddhist philosophy, the group will explore DESIRE and build curiosity, enjoyment and resilience for a more intimate life. Practical and personal issues will be explored where appropriate."

Cost: $60 U.S. for 4 meetings  
This is an intellectual pursuit, not a therapy group.