Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogger gives tips for living an authentic life

Today Karen Wright quotes Thomas Moore in her post "Authentic & Eudaimonic: How to go with your gut and be true to yourself". She writes, "Eudaimonia refers to a state of well-being and full functioning that derives from a sense of living in accordance with one’s deeply held values—in other words, from a sense of authenticity." She then offers eight tips for an authentic life.

Her advice from Moore?
1. Stay connected: ”Community is an outlook toward life in which you define yourself in relation to the world around you, rather than only in connection with yourself. I recommend enlarging the sense of self.” — Thomas Moore, psychotherapist and author of A Life at Work

2. Be willing to lose: ”Feelings of inauthenticity are heightened by a lack of a philosophy that allows failure to be part of life. If you’re leading a full life, you’re going to fail some every day.” — Thomas Moore