Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A rigid and defensive belief may signal anxiety

"Belief is so subtle and mysterious that we can’t always count on ministers, rabbis, priests and other spiritual counselors to get it right. Even a professional may confuse faith with an allegiance to an organization." ― Thomas Moore

Retired minister Rev. Alvin Petty relies on Thomas Moore’s book The Soul’s Religion for today’s column, ”A little doubt is good for the soul,” published in Plainview, Texas. Petty writes, “The churchgoer who is rigid and defensive in belief and morality is manifesting signs of failure in belief. Really get to know these kind of people and you will find them mean in spirit. Watch them for they fight dirty in the clinch. Belief/faith is rooted in love. So we may expect believers to be good at loving others and themselves. But those who proclaim loudly their faith are usually the least loving and compassionate of people.” He concludes, “Someone who has no doubts is a dangerous person. Do not trust those who are too certain.” Petty also uses Moore’s book for writing about Paul Tillich and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.