Monday, October 31, 2011

Community may contribute to restoring soul

Rev. Dr. Randy Hammer delivers the sermon ”Restoration for the Soul“,  referring to Thomas Moore’s book, Care of the Soul on 30 October 2011. Hammer says, “Everywhere we turn we can see people who are suffering emotional pain and inner hurt; people who are confused or fearful; people who are brokenhearted or lonely; people who are despondent or clinically depressed. The truth is, the soul of a person can become ill.” After sharing his definition of soul, Hammer considers ways to restore soul and turns to Moore’s book for support. Hammer describes a vital spirituality and community as primary avenues to soul restoration. He includes Moore’s observation, “The soul needs an intense, full-bodied spiritual life as much as and in the same way that the body needs food.”

Hammer’s site includes, “After serving for six years as minister of First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, of Albany, New York, his most recent position is minister of the United Church, Chapel on the Hill, of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.”

Today, Thomas Moore (@thomasmooreSoul) tweets, "We all get sick occasionally in body, soul or spirit and need someone to heal us. We're all potential healers and could sharpen our skills," which reinforces Hammer's focus on helping each other for restoring soul.