Thursday, January 06, 2011

Author finds guidance in books and Sufi poetry

Are you in the middle of a dark night of the soul? If so, you may find solace in Michael Lister's post today, Dark Night of the Soul in which he writes about Thomas Moore's book, Dark Nights of the Soul and quotes the Sufi poet, Hafiz:

Your loneliness so quickly.
Let it cut more

Lister includes:
"Hafiz words heal and inspire, but no one’s words have done more for me, have resonated more in me, that those of Thomas Moore.

Though he’s best known for, Care of the Soul, and I’ve benefited greatly from all his books, the two titles of his I find myself returning to most often are, The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life and Dark Nights of the Soul — the latter especially helpful in recent dark days.

A mentor and counselor to me in more ways than I can begin to express, Moore was a Catholic monk for twelve years and later became a psychotherapist, earning degrees in theology, musicology, and religion. His many books are at once accessible and abstruse."
Read Lister's entire post for his understanding of Moore's contributions to imagining human maturation.